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Make exponential progress with a new 20-minute lesson every week

Exponential Progress with Weekly Lessons


Weekly Tablao Lessons

In the online flamenco tablao you get to practice the essence of the flamenco guitar: Accompaniment. You will learn the secret language behind flamenco that allows artists to play together without rehearsal. You will discover what flamenco dance and singing accompaniment really embody.

In-depth guitar courses for all levels on technique, flamenco styles, solos and singing accompaniment


Online Flamenco Guitarist Community

Meet your fellow guitarists, exchange material, chat and be inspired... Every day!

Online Flamenco Guitarist Community

How do you study picado, I am currently struggling with this technique 🥵

I've tried Javier Conde's Picado studies, and they worked phenomenally! 😊


Live Q&A with the maestros

Improve faster with feedback from the maestros. Join the discussion with your peers or simply listen in for some golden nuggets of knowledge...


Personalized Flamenco Guitar Study Plan

Reach your next level faster with your own personal guitar journey mapped out for you

Mapped out journey with Personalized Study Plan

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Access to the World's most Renown Flamenco Guitar Maestros 

Gabriel Expósito

Award winning guitarist and teacher at the conservatory in Córdoba

David Pino

Cantaor / Director of the Flamencology,  Universidad de Córdoba


One of the world's most prolific and interesting flamenco guitarists

Tino van der Sman

One of the few successful foreign professional flamenco guitarists in Spain

Javier Conde

Multiple award- winning virtuoso and a unique flamenco guitar prodigy

Paco Serrano

Multiple award-winning maestro and educational flamenco guitar pioneer

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Here's the advantage of joining the academy

  • Work on the material that best suits your level and interest
  • Always have new material available to expand your repertoire and knowledge
  • Work on all flamenco guitar skills: technique, falsetas, accompaniment
  • Learn from various top level maestros
  • Learn both traditional as well as modern approaches to flamenco guitar

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Gain immediate access to


Playable falsetas in the most important flamenco styles


Full flamenco guitar courses by professional artists


Exercises and studies for all levels

Explanations of all Flamenco techniques by virtuoso
Javier Conde

Full solo pieces explained in detail by Chicuelo


Different styles of Flamenco Singing accompaniment

Bulerias improvisation explained  by Maestro Tino van der Sman

All lessons Include:

On-screen Scores and/or Tablature and Sheet Music

Professional English

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Frequently Asked Questions


What will I get?

As soon as you sign up you’ll gain immediate access to our full database of 11 courses consisting of more than 500 videos! Each course covers an essential part of the flamenco guitar, whether it be one of the key flamenco styles, such as Bulerias or Solea, technique or compas, or even accompanying singers. You’ll also gain immediate access to your first weekly lesson plus the starter kit that will help you kick off with everything you need.

What will I learn in the courses?

In the courses our world-class maestros teach practically all key-aspects of flamenco guitar. You'll learn everything from the most crucial fundamental knowledge, proper posture, the basic and advanced techniques. There is awesome beginner material to advanced exercises, studies and falsetas to improve your technique. The full breakdown of four key flamenco styles with many hours of music in the Soleá, Bulería, Alegrías and Tientos style enable you to dive deep right from the beginning and you can even learn how to accompany the cante (singing).

What are the weekly lessons?

Just as the name says so, they are weekly flamenco guitar lessons and every week a new lesson will be released for you. These lessons are designed for beginner to intermediate level flamenco guitarists. The maestro explains everything step-by-step, so you’ll progressively learn all of the components of the various flamenco styles. These lessons are also really interesting if you’re an intermediate level guitarist and want to freshen up the basics and also learn some really nice sounding falsetas from a professional artist.

I don’t know where to start

No worries because we’re here to help! We understand there is a lot of material to choose from, but we have you covered. Just fill in this questionnaire and we’ll send you a personalized study plan according to your level. 

I don't speak Spanish and I can't read music notation

No worries, even though our maestros speak Spanish, all of our videos have professional English subtitles and even if you can't read music notation, all of the music is carefully transcribed in both tablature as well as music notation with on-screen scores.

What happens if I can't join the monthly live Q&A session? 

If for whatever reason you can't be there, then you can still send your questions by leaving a message in the community. The maestro will answer them during the live session and give you feedback. The recording of each live session will be available in the portal.

When do the weekly flamenco guitar lessons begin?

If you join now, you can immediately start watching the first lesson that our maestro recorded for you. As long as you're a member you'll have unlimited access to all the lessons, allowing you to really grasp all the details. We’ll provide subtitles so you won’t miss out on anything, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Pricing & Payment

For how long can I access the material and what if I want to cancel?

You’ll have access as long as you stay a member. This means that you can follow these courses at your own pace and if for any reason you want to cancel in the future, you can do so at any time, just drop us an email and you will no longer be charged. Once you cancel your subscription you will no longer be able to access the courses nor the weekly lessons. When you’re ready to start again, then just reach out to our customer service and we’ll set up your weekly lessons so that you can pick up right where you were.

Can I pause my account?

Currently we do not offer this option, however we love to work with you and find solutions for any challenge you might run into. Just shoot us an email on info@onlineflamenco.com 

Do you offer single payment plans?

At this time we do not offer single payment plans, however we do offer yearly payments with a significant discount. When signing up you have the option to choose the yearly payment with discount.

What happens to my previously purchased courses, should I ever cancel?

Of course we will keep our promise to you. You will not lose access to your previously purchased courses should you cancel your membership. 

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