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We are celebrating our 5th Anniversary

"It seems unreal that five years have past since the official opening of Online Flamenco.

Having students now in over 60 countries makes us feel proud and fills our team with joy!"

Team Online Flamenco


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Our maestros

Paco Serrano

Love for the guitar and my private studies have brought me experiences, friends, travels, awards ... Read more»

Tino van der Sman

Born in 1974 in the Hague, the Netherlands. He starts his guitar studies when he's twelve years old ... Read more»

Javier Conde

At the age of 4 Javier starts learn to play the flamenco guitar from his father, the guitarist ... Read more»

David Pino

David Pino was born in Puente Genil (Cordoba) in 1972 and when he was five years old ...  Read more»

Our Recipe

in a nutshell ...

the recipe for our courses

  • Learn from the best Flamenco Artists of Spain
  • Study with the unique 3-Step-Learning System
  • 100% English Subtitles in all Videos
  • Interactivity: the Maestros teach what our students want to learn
  • NEW! Weekly lessons flamenco guitar


What our Students say...

Stu Mansell:

London - UK

What a fantastic learning resource. The chance to learn original material from pro flamenco guitarists writing in Andalucua right now is one not to be missed! The combination of HD video, audio and the tabs in various formats is great! Anyone learning flamenco should check this website. OLÉ!


Auckland - New Zealand

Excellent courses with subtitles to help amateurs really lift their game in the elusive craft of flamenco. Everything from compas to falsetas and remates etc are covered in detail with a very personable presentation. These guys are pros.

David Chiriboga: 

Chicago - United States

OnlineFlamenco has been phenomenal for me! Has been a great unique method to continue my studies of Flamenco, since I have nobody of that caliber to learn from in my city in person. My favorite course so far has been Paco Serrano's Alegria course. The course offers the perfect balance of rhythmic, remate and chord variations to maintain a well rounded foundation, among some great modern falsetas that have challenged me but are attainable. I definitely recommend it!


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