Join maestro Paco Serrano's  flamenco guitar challenge: 

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Join the challenge by maestro Paco Serrano

Join us and receive a complete flamenco guitar training (22 lessons) by maestro Paco Serrano, that will guide you through all the important basics of the flamenco guitar, step by step...

Maestro Paco Serrano in his hometown of Cordoba.

Have you always wanted to play the flamenco guitar?

Then this is for you!

Join us for a full Flamenco Guitar challenge with Maestro Paco Serrano and learn to play all the important flamenco guitar styles, techniques, falsetas, chords and much more. In just 30 days you will level up your Flamenco guitar playing to a point were you will be able to impress anyone who hears you...

This is what the challenge looks like:

Over the course of the next month you will be gradually be introduced to the ins and outs of the Flamenco Guitar until you've grasped all the basics and can play in no less than 4 Flamenco styles. You will know all the basic techniques and you will be able to execute them proficiently. Your guitar playing will sound authentic with a deep, passionate flamenco sound...

... And here's what you will get:

  • Professional Guidance by a true maestro: Maestro Paco has taught hundreds of Flamenco Students and not only plays Flamenco at the very highest level, but has an almost magical way of making the complex intricacies of flamenco easy to learn.
  • The Techniques: After finishing the challenge you will be able to execute the most important flamenco techniques, such as Pulgar, Alzapúa, Picado, Arpeggio and Rasgueado.
  • The Falsetas:  After going though the challenge you will be able to play beautiful impressive falsetas in no less than 4 Flamenco styles.
  • Full Solos: After finishing the challenge you will be able to continuously play for minutes on end in the Alegrías, Rumbas, Soleáres, and Bulerías styles.

 ... and also:

  • On Screen Scores: You now easily learn all the music of the Challenge with the On Screen Scores. Just hit start and play along with maestro paco using the tabs of musical notation, whichever you prefer! 
  • High quality video: The 4K video recording with close ups of the hands on the guitar makes copying the movements and learning the material much easier and faster.
  • Full English Subtitles: All of the lessons have been professionally subtitled so that nothing gets lost in translation even if you don't speak Spanish.
  • Slow And Normal Speed: For every lesson a slow version is available to more easily grasp and study the hand movements. This way the time needed to learn the material is drastically reduced. 

... And here's what some of our students had to say:

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