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Meet Maestro Tino

Maestro Tino's trackrecord speaks for him. He has worked with the biggest names in the Flamenco world...

Including famous singers such as Miguel Poveda,  Estrella Morente,  Arcangel, Jose de la Tomasa and Rocio Marquez and has acompanied the biggest names in Flamenco dance such as Rafael Campallo, Ursula Lopez, Pastora Galvan and Leonor Leal

Amongst the venues Tino and his group played were the New York Metropolitan and the Queen Elizabeths theatre in Toronto as well as the Lope de Vega theatre in Seville.

More importantly, Tino has taught hundreds of international Flamenco students who traveled to Seville to learn Flamenco, both as a teacher at the famous Fundacíon de Arte Flamenco Christina Heeren as well as via private lessons.

Maestro Tino is frequently invited to teach at the Rotterdam Conservatory and is known for his didactic capabilities.

Some examples of what you will get

This is what your weekly lessons look like

Including a monthly live Q&A with the Maestro

.. where you can ask all your burning flamenco questions!

So to summarize...

  • NEW LESSON EVERY WEEK: Every week the maestro releases a new specially recorded lesson in your personal membersarea
  • ON-SCREEN SCORES: learn all the material very quick now with the help of the on-screen scores
  • ENGLISH SUBTITLES: The very first time you can learn real flamenco without knowing Spanish first
  • LEARNING ALL THE MAIN STYLES: The maestro will cover all main flamenco styles in blocks of four lessons for each palo
  • LIVE Q&A SESSION: Every month you get to ask your questions to the maestro during our live online Q&A sessions

What our students had to say:

"Maestro Tino's flamenco lessons have greatly improved my understanding of flamenco, the lessons are packed with information!"  Paul Sawh (Canada)
"Everything changed after I discovered The Online Flamenco Weekly Lessons" Jan Babicz (United Kingdom)
"For me, the most remarkable thing about Maestro Tino is the way he thinks and transmits flamenco. He explains very clearly the fundamentals of each style!"  Antonio Delgado (Málaga, Spain)
"I have made tremendous improvements since enrolling in Weekly Lessons with Maestro Tino!"  David Adasse (New York, USA)

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