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Will 2021 be the year you transform your guitarplaying and up your level from amateur to awesome?

The combination of Maestro Conde's two complete technique courses is the secret weapon that will enable you to play and sound in a way you could only dream off... Untill now... ! :)

Technique Pack #1

Here is how the maestro and you will start your task together:

  • The General Technique Study Session - The part that most teachers skip: How to study. After going to these lessons, you will be able to incorporate new techniques much faster.
  • The Perfect Thumb Package - Developing speed and accuracy so will never miss a string again.
  • The Legatos Package - Nowhere legatos (or hammer-ons and pull-offs) are used more intensively than in flamenco guitar solos and falsetas.
  • The Ultimate Left-hand Package - After going through these lessons your left hand will seamlessly find its way on the fretboard. This is crucial for any flamenco guitarist but often this subject is skipped.
  • The Full Picado Package - The signature flamenco technique and maestro Conde's specialty. This course contains a full picado training that wil elevate your precision and picado-speed like nothing else...

Technique Pack #2

... And here's how you will graduate "flamenco technique" like a pro:

  • Advanced Study Planning - Learn how a high level maestro works on his technique on a daily basis.
  • The Complete Arpegio Studieset - Arpegio's are what seperates the virtuosos from the streetartists. And here's how to play them at a pique level.
  • The Picado Speed Upgrade - This specific lesson set builds on your previous experience and helps you reach high speeds and perfect clarity when playing picado's.
  • The Ultimate Rasgueado Package - Discover that there is much more to rasgueado's then meets the eye. Here is when you learn why yours aren't the same as his.
  • The True Depth Package - Now that you're no longer a novice, the meastro no longer holds back and shares some of the most in-depth tips and advice that would make newbies so affraid they would burn their guitar *proceed with caution*

Here is a glimpse of what you will receive

Add both Courses for just one single payment of $97

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The maestro would love for you to experience the results that working with this material can bring you. For that reason Maestro Conde has given us permission to give you a 14-day full satisfaction guarantee. Simply get started with this material today and experience the rapid improvement of your flamenco technique yourself or receive your money back, no questions asked!

And you and the maestro will still part like friends... Does that sound fair?

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Full 1hr Masterclass 

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Javier Conde Interview 

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Explosive Picado Special

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Advanced Masterclass 

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Complete Bonus Package (value $550)

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Grandmaster Gerardo Nuñez on Javier Conde:

... And here's what our students had to say

" Maestro Conde helped me tremendously to improve my technique. I fully recommend the Technique Courses, it is the best you can find! " - Telmo Medina (Ecuador)
" It is very powerful material, I started noticing a different feeling in my hands... The way I picked up the guitar was different, everything was just more easy to play! " - Lasse Groftehaugen (Denmark)
" Javier Conde is one of my favourite flamenco guitarists. His technique Courses are a big help to me, his advice and his exercises are superb! " - David Stevens (Australia)
" Javier Conde tells you not just WHAT to practice, but also HOW to practice, both left hand and right hand! " - Tuukka Vainiola (Helsinki, Finland)

Ready to drastically improve your

flamenco guitar technique...?

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