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Normally: $49 per month
Now: Free for 30 days (then only $37 per month)

Here's what the Weekly Lessons include:

Learning flamenco the traditional way

Every week the maestro digitally sits in front of you during your weekly session. Each session consists of a HD video recording of a full flamenco guitar lesson.

The maestro teaches by example, which is how flamenco has always been taught locally in Andalusia. You'll learn through the maestro's in-depth explanations and through imitation in what we call our "Authentic learning experience".

Authentic learning experience

  • The lessons are in Spanish, but we have made professional English subtitles for each lesson. This preserves the authentic vibe during each lesson while preventing anything getting lost in translation
  • Learning through imitation is the way Flamenco has always been taught, however in case you are used to reading sheet music or tablature, we include both for every single lesson.
  • On-screen scores for faster learning: The tablature and sheetmusic are visible in the video as the maestro plays the examples. This way you can quickly copy the correct finger placements and chords, saving you a lot of time while studying. 

Complete Flamenco curriculum

  • Technique: The maestro teaches you both basic and advanced guitar techniques in a well-paced manner. You'll gradually build speed and fluidity on your guitar and as you progress you will be able to play more and more complex material with ease. 
  • Flamenco Styles: From Soleá to Siguiriyas to even the most elusive styles such as Peteneras or Bulerías. All styles are covered one by one during the weekly lessons. This is important as a flamenco guitarists should have a grasp of at least the basics of each style.
  • Solo guitar: The maestro teaches you material that allows you to play as a solo artist, building an extensive repertoire of fun, playable flamenco pieces.
  • Accompaniment: Traditionally the flamenco guitar was an accompanying instrument for sing and dance. The maestro will teach you the secret language of accompanying and playing in a flamenco group.
  • Popular material: The maestro teaches you a variety of traditional and modern falsetas from well-known guitarists.

Live Q&A Sessions: “¡La Juerga!"

  • Every month all members can join the Maestro's live Q&A. Here you can ask any of your flamenco related questions.
  • This is not dry theory, but fun! Both the maestro and the students take out their guitars and play, talk, discuss, give examples and inspire each other. 
  • The live Q&A introduces you to your flamenco peers. Here you can share your progress and learn from the questions that others ask.
  • Get hands-on advice: The maestro takes time to teach in a more hands-on fashion during the live sessions. Diving deep into the more challenging topics and helping out those that need an extra push.
  • Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit back and relax, or join the discussion and ask away!

The Online Flamenco Community: “¡Compadres!"

  • Our private members facebook group allows you to come into contact with your flamenco brothers and sisters. Exchange experiences, help each other out and share your progress.
  • This is where friendships are forged and the solitary aspects of playing guitar on your own alternate with the social aspects that are key in Flamenco.
  • Discuss your progress, show what you are learning, ask each other questions. It's all happening right now in the community.
  • Of course the maestro joins you in the group and is there to give extra feedback or answers when needed.

Normally: $49 per month
Now: Free for 30 days (then only $37 per month)

This also includes:

Access to our brand new

Flamenco Guitar Starter Kit

Starter Kit Part 1: Flamenco Guitar Technique

  • Thumb technique: The maestro explains the details of the fundamental 'Pulgar' technique. This lesson includes examples and exercises.
  • Rasgueado technique: No less than 3 different rasgueado types are covered. You will learn how to execute them flawlessly with the maestro's unique rasgueado training system.
  • Arpeggio technique: A complete lesson on how to master the arpeggio technique. All different arpeggio's on the guitar will be covered as well as some brilliant exercises and musical examples to play with.
  • Left hand technique: In this lesson you will learn how to strengthen the left hand and enable it to easily grasp any chord as well cleaning your sound and increasing your fluidity while playing.
  • Picado technique: The picado technique is seen as one of the pinacle techniques in flamenco. But seldom do teachers explain how to practice this elusive technique and build up speed. That's what this lesson brings you!
  • Alzapúa technique: This technique is unique to flamenco. Its power and impact are unequalled. This lesson teaches you how to flawlessly execute it.

Starter Kit Part 2: Your first flamenco solo

  • Soleá Falsetas: In this part of the starterkit you will learn a series of falsetas 'por soleá' that you can later use in your very first flamenco solo. Of course you can also simply add these beautiful falsetas to your repertoire and add them to any solea you play.
  • Soleá compas variations: The maestro will teach you a wide range of rhythm variations so you can play in the Soleá style whitout sounding repetitive continuously.
  • Cierres y Detalles: The compas variations and falsetas are the main ingredients, but to make your Solea sound really interesting the maestro gives you a selection of tasteful details that make all the difference.
  • Intro and outro: Your solo would not be complete without a stunning intro and a grand finale. The maestro will teach you both in a way you can learn in minutes and that you will probably keep for many years.

Starter Kit Part 3: Complete Rhythm Class

  • Bulerias rhythm explained: By far the most popular flamenco style. It has a rhythm that takes some getting used to. The maestro will guide your through a series of simply rhythm exercises that will have you dreaming in 'compas' from now on
  • Contratiempos: What's an "off beat" and how is it used in flamenco? This might sound difficult, but its easy as pie once you get the hang of this simple exercise and example
  • Table tapping: Ever seen an old-school flamenco video where the artists are acompanying a singer or guitarist by tapping the rhythm on the table? Just make sure you don't knock over your glass of red wine!
  • Never count again: This part of the course teaches you how you can 'feel' the rhythm in stead of counting it
  • Unshakable compas sense: This is the best description we could think of when it comes to the effect of this extensive training on your guitar playing. Without this knowledge and experience other flamenco's will always see you as an outsider

Starter Kit Bonus: Complete tabs and scores book

  • Covers all material: This digital eBook contains all the written material the maestro covers in this course in both tablature and musical notation.
  • Work with what you are used to: Wether you prefer imitating the maestro, or read in cifra/tabs, you can simply keep doing it as this eBook has it all
  • On screen scores: Did you know all our video's include the scores embedded directly in the video? This way you can immediately play what the maestro is showing you without first having to look it up

Normally: $49 per month
Now: Free for 30 days (then only $37 per month)

Try the weekly lessons risk-free now for 30 days!

The maestro has put tremendous effort in this material. Together we are quite proud of the results our students are getting. We would love for you to experience this too, so we're offering you a full month of weekly lessons for free.

If for some reason you wouldn't want to continue after your free month, simply send us an e-mail and you won't be billed.

And you and the maestro will still part like friends... Does that sound fair?

Meet Maestro Tino

Maestro Tino's trackrecord speaks for him. He has worked with the biggest names in the Flamenco world...

Including famous singers such as Miguel Poveda, Estrella Morente, Arcangel, Jose de la Tomasa and Rocío Márquez and has acompanied the biggest names in Flamenco dance such as Rafael Campallo, Ursula Lopez, Pastora Galvan and Leonor Leal.


Amongst the venues Tino and his group played were the New York Metropolitan and the Queen Elizabeths theatre in Toronto as well as the Lope de Vega theatre in Seville.

More importantly, Tino has taught hundreds of international Flamenco students who traveled to Seville to learn Flamenco, both as a teacher at the famous Fundacíon de Arte Flamenco Christina Heeren as well as via private lessons.

Maestro Tino is frequently invited to teach at the Rotterdam Conservatory where he studied under the guidance of maestro Paco Peña and is known for his didactic capabilities. For many years he was the assistant teacher of maestro Gerardo Núñez.

Check out what our students have to say about the weekly lessons!

" I've made tremendous improvements since I started lessons with Maestro Tino! Since then I'm finally achieving the proper sound and 'aire' "
" I've checked a lot of online courses and youtube videos but I was always struggling. Since starting with these lessons my guitar playing has reached a new level! "
" Maestro Tino's lessons greatly improved my overall skill level and technical abilities as well as understanding flamenco. "

Ready to drastically improve your flamenco guitar level?

Normally: $49 per month
Now: Free for 30 days (then only $37 per month)

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