About us

Curious about the story and the people behind Online Flamenco? Then this is your page.

Our Maestros are not just teachers; they stand out as artists too who have won some of the most important prizes in the world of flamenco.

Learn more about each of our maestros in the section Our Maestros.

Our Mission

Online Flamenco helps people from all over the world to become a flamenco guitarist by learning from the best maestros.

Our carefully selected maestros teach authentic flamenco with the aid of the latest digital techniques and a clear line of teaching materials.

The Online Flamenco Team

We are an international team of professionals and are here to help you in your journey to becoming a flamenco guitarist.

Donald van der Werff

Project Manager

Michiel Cremers

Marketing and Sales

Sebastián Gauna


Jur Vermijs

Music Transcriber

Jaime Laguna

Audio Visual Technician

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