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Paco Serrano

Early years

My start at the age of 12 was at the Academy of Rafael “Merengue” together with Vicente Amigo and José Antonio Rodríguez and in the Peña Flamenca de Córdoba, where I had the chance, while still a child, to accompany singers who were already well known.


In the 80's I accompanied stars such as Fosforito, La Niña de la Puebla, Juanito Valderrama, Chano Lobato, Chocolate, José Mercé, Luis de Córdoba and Carmen Linares, among others. 

I've participated in several cultural embassies representing the city of Córdoba, making my first tours abroad: Germany, France, England, Morocco…


In ’87 I opened a Flamenco Studio in Córdoba, where I taught flamenco guitar.


I've recorded numerous TV programs as an accompanist and as a soloist.


At the end of the 1980s I appeared with the company of Cristina Heeren; thereafter I was part of various stage productions such as Flamenco es vida, Lances del Arenal and Don Juan, presented at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla.

Awards and Prizes

Some of the most important prizes I've been awarded with include:

  • In ’89 I won the award Radio Nacional de España en Córdoba, and in ’90 the Gold Insignia of the Peña Flamenca de Córdoba.
  • In ’91 I received the first prize Bordón Minero in the Festival de las minas de la Unión.
  • The Peña Flamenca de Murcia gave me its Gold Insignia.
  • In ’92 I participated in the Concurso Nacional de arte flamenco de Córdoba, winning the first prize both as an accompanist (the Premio Manolo de Huelva) and as a soloist (the Premio Ramón Montoya).
  • In 2002 I received the Fiambrera de Plata prize of the Ateneo de Córdoba.


Throughout my career I’ve collaborated with other artists in various recordings; but in 1999 I put out my first disc as a concert soloist: Mi Camino.


In 2012 I published my second solo album, Catarsis, in Córdoba and I'm currently working on my third solo CD.



In ’93, in Switzerland, I recorded the first of a series of flamenco guitar tutorials, which continues today with Enrique de Melchor, Tomatito, Pepe Habichuela, Moraíto, Riqueni, Gerardo Núñez, and others.


In 1996, after obtaining a Master’s degree in music (specializing in flamenco guitar) at Rotterdam Conservatory, I started teaching at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Córdoba, and have continued to do so ever since.


From 2000, I worked together with Manolo Sanlúcar, Manolo Franco and José Antonio Rodríguez at the Córdoba Guitar Festival — years in which I also collaborated regularly with the Cátedra de Flamencología de la Universidad de Córdoba. I've been a member of the jury in various editions of the Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Córdoba.


In recent years I’ve combined my teaching role at the Conservatorio, Universidad and Festival de la Guitarra with concerts in different countries: Turkey, Chile, Switzerland, Estonia, Lebanon, Cyprus, The Netherlands.

In addition, throughout my career, I’ve given private lessons to students, whom I now count as friends. 

In 2011 I produced Manual de la Guitarra Flamenca, in Italy.

Online Flamenco

In 2012 I start onlineflamenco.com together with my friend Detmar Breuker.

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