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Program 18th - 22nd of october 2024

The classes and the welcome and goodbye dinner will take place at Plaza de las Tazas 11, Córdoba

  • Day 1 (18th october): Arrival, Drinks and Paella. At 8 pm the maestro and the Online Flamenco team will welcome you with a traditional 'perol' (Cordobese paella) and drinks. You will get to know your fellow peers and we will present the full program. You have the opportunity to ask any questions. 
  • Day 2: Lessons and Peña Flamenca. At 10 am the first day of classes with maestro Paco Serrano are kicked off. You'll learn everything about the structure of a Soleá dance, including the ending por Bulería. You'll learn how a Soleá dance typically starts as well the salida and the first letra. In the evening there will be a visit to a peña flamenca where you can experience how flamenco is traditionally learned in Andalusia. 
  • Day 3: Lessons and Tablao Flamenco. The second day of class, you'll learn the second letra and the escobilla of the Soleá style. In the evening you'll have the opportunity to see some of the best local artists perform live in one of Cordoba's most renown Tablaos. 
  • Day 4: Lessons and Concert with the Maestro. The third day of class, you'll learn the subida and the ending of the dance por Bulería. In the evening you'll have the opportunity to see the maestro perform live in a beautiful traditional Cordobese venue
  • Day 5 (22nd of october): Lessons and Goodbye Dinner & Drinks. The fourth and last day of class, you'll learn to put into practise everything you've learned the previous three days and ask any questions you may have. In the evening there will be a goodbye dinner where you will also get a certificate of attendance.  

What is included

  • Preparatory Course: Online preparatory course where you'll learn the fundamentals of dance and singing accompaniment, as well as falsetas, so you can focus on practicing singing and dance accompaniment during the live course. The preparatory course will become available approximately 2 months before the course.
  • 4  Days of Lessons with the Maestro: Every day you'll have 3 hours of live group lessons with the Maestro who will teach you every ingredient of a traditional Soleá dance. There will also be a singer and dancer. 
  • 4  Days of Repetition Lessons: Every day you'll have 1 hour of repetition lessons with a professional Online Flamenco guitarist, where you'll have to opportunity to solidify what you've learned in the morning session. 
  • Access to all Events: Access to all of the events are included in the course fee.
  • Recording of the Live Course: You will have access to all of the recording of the live course including subtitles and scores.
  • Welcome Dinner: On the first evening Online Flamenco will organize typical Cordobese paella called 'perol' with drinks included.
  • Goodbye Dinner: On the last evening Online Flamenco will organize typical Cordobese dinner with drinks included.

What is not included

  • Transportation Costs: Attendees are responsible for arranging and covering their own flight and other travel expenses. 
  • Accommodation Costs: Attendees are required to arrange and cover their own accommodation. Please refer to the section below for recommended accommodation options. 
  • Living Costs : Online Flamenco provides dinner on the first and last night of the course. However, all other meals and drinks are not included in the fee. 

Accomodation recommendations

Online Flamenco organises the program and the activities, but since students come from across the globe and have different accommodation desires, you have you organise your own transportation and accommodation. We recommend one of the following accommodations: 

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