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Have you always wanted to experience "behind closed doors" flamenco that can only be found in Andalucia,Spain?

Meet maestro Paco Serrano in real life and receive live-lessons, feedback and true authentic flamenco teaching.

Then this is for you!

Dreaming of authentic flamenco straight from the heart of Andalucía? Join us and the celebrated Maestro Paco Serrano for an unforgettable 4-day journey in Córdoba, Spain. This exclusive event by Online Flamenco opens the doors to the vibrant world of flamenco culture: intensive guitar lessons, live shows, traditional peñas, and the finest local cuisine. Embrace the spirit of flamenco in an experience that weaves together music, tradition, and the lively streets of Córdoba.

Here's what you can expect

The first evening you'll meet Maestro Paco Serrano, your fellow students and the Online Flamenco Team

Day 1:

Arrival, drinks and Paella

Your flamenco journey begins upon arrival in the enchanting city of Córdoba. After settling into your accommodation (see Course Info Page for recommended accomodations), we will welcome you in the historic Plaza de las Tazas. This hidden gem, nestled in the heart of the city, is where tradition meets the vibrant spirit of flamenco. The plaza, an emblem of Córdoba's rich cultural tapestry, houses the casa-patio of Cristina Bendala, a space where history, art, and community converge.

As the sun sets, we gather for a welcome dinner under the open sky in Cristina's courtyard, a place steeped in the stories and heritage of Córdoba. You will enjoy traditional Andalusian fare, including a traditional Cordobese dinner with drinks, in an ambiance that perfectly sets the tone for the days of immersive flamenco that lie ahead.

Every day you'll have three hours of group lessons with maestro Paco Serrano.

Day 2:

Lessons and a peña flamenca...

You will kick off your first morning of lessons with Maestro Paco Serrano teaching you the essential aspects of dance and singing accompaniment in three intensive hours of flamenco guitar lessons. In the afternoon you can participate in the repetition class where a professional flamenco guitar teacher will help you with any questions you may have.

The day culminates at a local peña (flamenco club), an intimate setting where the maestro demonstrates the mesmerizing dance of guitar with voice, and you're not just an observer but a participant. Here, in the heart of Córdoba, surrounded by the rhythms of flamenco, you'll have the chance to accompany singers, stepping into the role of a true flamenco artist. This experience is not just about learning; it's about living the flamenco tradition, making music, and creating memories that resonate with the authentic spirit of Andalusia.

Plaza de las Tazas is a beautiful casa patio where the course will take place, but also where you can hang out with your fellow students.

Day 3:

Accompaniment and tablao flamenco

Day three  will start with another session of intensive flamenco guitar lessons from Maestro Paco Serrano. Spend three hours honing your ability to accompany flamenco’s captivating Soleá style, gaining insights that only a maestro can provide. In the afternoon our flamenco guitar instructor will be available to answer any questions and assist you in mastering the material covered in the morning's session.

The highlight of the evening is a visit to one of Córdoba’s most famous tablaos, where you'll witness the pinnacle of flamenco performance. This experience connects the day's lessons to the vibrant heart of flamenco culture, showcasing the exhilarating talent and emotional depth of renowned flamenco artists. It’s a vivid testament to the art’s enduring power and a source of inspiration for your own flamenco journey.

The maestro performing live.

Day 4:

Lessons and a concert from the maestro

Continue refining your flamenco skills with another enriching three-hour lesson from Maestro Paco Serrano. This session further deepens your understanding of accompaniment in flamenco guitar, setting the stage for the afternoon's repetition class to solidify your newfound skills.

The evening offers a special highlight: a concert by Maestro Paco Serrano in one of Córdoba's most beautiful patios. This exclusive performance is not just a display of flamenco mastery but a celebration of the music you've been passionately learning. It's an opportunity to experience the artistry of a flamenco legend up close, in the enchanting ambiance of a Cordobese evening.

Unforgettable flamenco moments with the maestro and your peers.

Day 5:

Lessons + goodbye dinner & drinks

On the final day, immerse yourself once more in the art of flamenco guitar with Maestro Paco Serrano. This last session is a chance to ask any lingering questions, and prepare to take your new skills into the world. It's a moment to reflect on the journey, the progress made, and the friendships formed.

As the day transitions to evening, join us in Plaza de las Tazas for a  goodbye dinner. This gathering is not just a meal; it's a celebration of the bonds created, the music shared, and the memories that will forever link you to Córdoba and to each other. As we say farewell, the plaza, which welcomed you on the first day, now becomes the perfect backdrop to reflect on a week of intense learning, cultural immersion, and flamenco passion.

Day 5 closes your flamenco adventure on a note of camaraderie and accomplishment with a typical Cordobese dinner, leaving you enriched, inspired, and part of a global community of flamenco enthusiasts.


  • What will the program look like? You can find the full program on the Come to Córdoba info page.
  • How much does the course cost? The normal price is $ 997 for the full course, including all activities, two dinners + drinks, the preparatory course and the recording of the live course, but we offer an early bird discount of 10% until July 14th.
  • What level is required for this course? The course is open for students of all levels who want to learn and experience dance accompaniment, but if you want to take the maximum we recommend you have a basic knowledge of the Soleá style, meaning that you're able to play the basic compas, that you can play the rasgueo and abanico technique and are familiar with the typical elements (compas, falseta, llamada).
  • What can I do to prepare for the live event? About 2 months before the live course you'll gain access to a special preparatory course by maestro Paco Serrano. Here you'll learn all the falsetas, llamadas and variations that will be applied in the live course. In addition, in the Online Flamenco Academy you can also study the Soleá and Bulería course by maestro Tino van der Sman which will give you an excellent foundation. 
  • Where is the nearest airport to Córdoba? You can either fly to Madrid, Seville or Malaga and from there take a train or bus or rent a car to arrive to Córdoba. 
  • Do I need to be an Online Flamenco student in order to enrol? No, this event is open for anyone who wants to learn how to accompany singing and dancing. You will also gain access to the preparatory course and the recordings of the event even if you're not enrolled in the Academy.
  • Should I bring my own guitar? Yes, you are responsible for bringing your own guitar. Without a guitar you cannot participate in the Flamenco Guitar workshops.
  • Is the price an all-in packageWe offer an unforgettable 4-day event, including the course, repetition classes and an evening program with flamenco experiences, but the attendees have to take care of their own travel and accommodation arrangements. For more info check the Come to Córdoba info page.


Special Bonus #1
Preparation course by Maestro Paco Serrano

At the event, you will receive group-guitar lessons every day. This will consist of falsetas and other material in the Soleá and Bulería style, but it will mainly be focussed on what Flamenco is all about: dance and singing accompaniment. In order to progress in a relaxed and fun way, the maestro will prepare material for you to study, which will prepare you for the course and will remain available in the Online Flamenco Academy for you.

Special Bonus #2
COMPLETE event recording!

For all who attend we will provide the full High Quality event recordings, including professional English subtitles for you afterwards via the Online Flamenco Academy.


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