Level  Intermediate-advanced

Recommended knowledge  Basic understanding of techniques such as pulgar, alzapua, slurs, stretches and picado.
Total duration  71m 19s
Video's:  66

Price:  US$ 197.00

Course Content

  • >> Course Information
  • General Advice
  • 1 Thumb and Alzapúa
  • 1.1 Thumb Exercise
  • 1.2 Thumb St. 'Rumbero'
  • 1.3 Thumb Study
  • 1.4 Exercise Alzapua
  • 1.5 Alzapúa Study
  • 2 Legato Technique
  • 2.1 Hammer-on Exercise
  • 2.2 Pull-off Excercise
  • 2.3 Slur 'El Sordito'
  • 2.4 Slur 'El Cortito'
  • 2.5 Slur 'El Manco'
  • 2.6 Falseta with Slurs
  • 2.7 Electric Guitar Slurs
  • 2.8 Slurs in C Mayor
  • 3 Barre and Stretch
  • 3.1 Right Hand Stretch
  • 3.2 Left Hand Study
  • 3.3 Solea Remate in E
  • 3.4 Solea Remate in A
  • 4 Picado Technique
  • 4.1 Picado Ex. 'Vertigo'
  • 4.2 Picado Bass Strings
  • 4.3 Explosive Picado FREE! CLICK ON THE GUITAR AT THE LEFT 
  • 4.4 Picado With Slurs
  • Interview *BONUS*
  • Masterclass *BONUS*

Javier Conde - Advanced Technique #1

THE ADVANCED TECHNIQUE COURSE #1 consists of the most powerful exercises and studies that make up the daily study routine of Online Flamenco Maestro and flamenco virtuoso Javier Conde.

To start out, Javier will give you a General Study Advice about how to study technique. After this first video, the core material of the course is offered in four sections: THUMB - LEGATO - LEFT HAND - PICADO.

Each one of the four sections starts with an in-depth explanation where Javier demonstrates how to play each technique, discussing the right position, the do's and the don'ts, and so onAfter that, he offers a series of exercises and studies for each of the four sections.

All together, this course consists of 66 videos and 71 minutes of study material + 40 minutes of Bonuses. An overview:

GENERAL STUDY ADVICE  The first video of the course consists of general advice of how to study technique. This includes some stretch and warm-up exercises, the correct posture and advice on how to study effectively.

1. THE PERFECT THUMB PACKAGE  No less than five different thumb and alzapua exercises that incorporate both the development of the speed of the thumb as well as the ability of the left hand to better position itself on the fretboard.

2. THE LEGATO PACKAGE  Hammer ons, and pull-offs, finished off with a useful alegrías falseta that allows you to implement all you have learned.

3. THE LEFT HAND PACKAGE  This part of the course guides you through a set of exercises specifically designed to train the reach and flexibility of your left hand. 

4. THE FULL PICADO PACKAGE  Maestro Conde is renown for his machine-gun type picado’s that are not only unbelievably fast, but also incredibly clear and clean sounding. This section of the course consists of material related to just this topic. It includes exercises, studies and musical phrases .

INTERVIEW (BONUS)  The recording of the interview with the Maestro in Madrid at the workshop of Luthier Felipe Conde.

MASTERCLASS (BONUS)  The recording of the live Masterclass with the Maestro in Córdoba.


  • All of the exercises and studies are offered in the 3 STEP LEARNING SYSTEM with an explanation about specific details (step 1), low speed with close-up view of both hands and on-screen TAB (step 2) and the exercise at full speed (step 3).
  • All of the the music is carefully written out in scores available both in PDF and Guitar-Pro format.

Grandmaster Gerardo Núñez about Javier Conde ...

" Javier is the PAGANINI of the flamenco guitar! "

- Gerardo Núñez (Spain) 

... and what our students say about The Technique Course ...

" It is very powerful material, I started noticing a different feeling in my hands... The way I picked up the guitar was different, everything was just more easy to play! "

- Lasse Groftehaugen (Denmark)

" Maestro Conde helped me tremendously to improve my technique. I fully recommend the Technique Courses, it is the best you can find! "

Telmo Medina (Ecuador)

" Javier Conde tells you not just WHAT to practice, but also HOW to practice, both left hand and right hand! "

Tuukka Vainiola (Helsinki, Finland)

" Javier Conde is one of my favourite flamenco guitarists. His technique Courses are a big help to me, his advice and his exercises are superb! "

David Stevens (Australia)

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