Level  Intermediate - Advanced
Total duration  67m 7s
Recommended knowledge  Master techniques such as rasgueado, pulgar, picado, alzapua and arpegio, basic rhythmic understanding.
Price  US$ 197.00

Course Content

  • >> Course Information
  • 1. Welcome
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Tientos Compás
  • 4. Basic Compás (2x)
  • 5. Triplet (2x)
  • 6. Short Motifs
  • 7. Motifs of 4 and 6
  • 8. Motifs of triplets
  • 9. Quintuplets
  • 10. Tonic (2x)
  • 11. Multiple Subdivisions
  • 12. Scaled Structure
  • 13. Short Variations (12x)
  • 14. Long Variations (5x)
  • 15. Zapateado Variations (5x)
  • 16. Tangos Variations (3x) 
  • 17. Tanguillos Variations (2x) 
  • 18. The Falseta 
  • 20. Falseta #2 (2x)  
  • 21. Falseta #3 (3x)  
  • 22. Falseta #4 (3x)  
  • 23. Falseta #5 (2x)
  • 24. Final Advice
  • *BONUS* Tangos (2x)
  • *BONUS* Masterclass

Paco Serrano - Solo Guitar por Tientos

THE SOLO TIENTOS GUITAR is perfect if you want to learn lots of practical material of this unique style. With this material you'll be able you to play several solos, but it's also excellent for the cante accompaniment. Furthermore, if you learn the maestro his strategy, then you will some really powerful tools to compose your own variations as well.

COURSE OBJECTIVE in this course you will learn the key-aspects step-by-step from maestro Paco Serrano so as dominate all of the components of the 'Tientos' solo. The approach is 100% practical and all videos are subtitled.

in the 54 videos of this course you will learn:

  • 30 Compas variations
  • 12 Variations of one compas
  • 5 Variations of two compasses
  • 3 Tangos variations
  • 2 Tanguillos variations
  • 5 Long falsetas


  • All of the music of this course is carefully written out in scores, available both in PDF and guitar-pro 6 format, so that you can play along with the teacher;
  • Each video in this course has a slow version allowing you to practice slowly all the way through;
  • The long falsetas, as well as four of the short ones, have a split screen with a close-up view of both hands, allowing you to perfectly observe the maestro's technique.

What our students say about our the Tientos Course ...

" I love the mixture of authentic flamenco falsetas with rhythmic variations of the Alegrías Course. I am looking forward to Maestro Serrano´s next Course! "

- David Chiriboga (Chicago, USA)

" By the end of the Course, I was able to piece together my own personal concert solo in the Alegrías style. "

- Kurt Martinez (USA)

" Paco Serrano explains everything in detail, I fully recommend his Alegrías Course, check it out! "

Philip Sangster (Australia)

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