Level  All levels
Total duration  87 m 22s
Videos  35
Requiered knowledge  Basic Flamenco Guitar knowledge (covered in Fundamentals of the Soleá)
Price  197.00 €

Course Content

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  • 1. The Golpe
  • 2. Right Hand
  • 3. Left Hand
  • 4. Advice Compás
  • 5. Apagado Technique
  • 6. Common Mistakes
  • 7. Compás Variations (4x)
  • 8. Remates (2x)
  • 9. Escobilla (2x)
  • 10. Kicking off
  • 11. Rhythmic Play
  • 12. First Bulería
  • 13. Embellishments (7x)
  • 14. Foot-tapping
  • 15. Falseta #1 (2x)
  • 16. Falseta #2 (2x)
  • 17. Falseta #3 (2x) 
  • 18. Falseta #4 (2x) 
  • 19. Falseta #5  FREE! Click on the guitar at the left  
  • *BONUS* Falseta (2x)
  • *BONUS* Masterclass

Tino - The Fundamentals of the Bulería

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE BULERÍA is the second course of the 'Fundamentals of the Flamenco Guitar' series. Whether you've just started playing the flamenco guitar, or want to get a step-by-step in-depth training on the key-aspects of the Bulería style, once you've finished this course you'll be able to play, understand and feel the Bulería, and you will be able to play a swinging Bulería solo.

THE APPROACH OF THIS COURSE is 100% practical: the maestro gives you in-depth explanations on how to play each element of the Bulería. Furthermore, he will guide you through important issues such as rhythm, technique, how to avoid common errors, and he'll give you tricks on how to learn difficult musical passages.

Content of the Course 

Firstly, the maestro will start with the most basic aspect by breaking up the right- and left hand technique so that you really understand how to make your Bulería playing swing. Next, step-by-step you'll learn all the key elements, such as compas variations, remates, escobillas, kicking off, rhythmical plays, embellishments and 5 falsetas of varying difficulty. 

This course consists of 36 videos and 90 minutes of material in which you will learn:

  • How to play the golpe
  • Break down of the left- and right hand
  • How to make the Bulería swing
  • Apagado technique
  • Different rasgueados
  • The basic compas and variations
  • How to avoid common mistakes 
  • Escobillas
  • Kicking off 
  • Remates
  • 5 short melodic compas variations 
  • 2 long melodic compas variations
  • Different ways how to mark the rhythm with your foot 
  • 5 Falsetas at two different speeds with detailed explanations


  • All of the music of this course is carefully written out in tablatures and standard music notation available both in PDF and Guitar-Pro 6 format
  • All of the videos have English subtitles
  • Our website is mobile responsive and works perfectly on your mobile phone and tablet
  • You can view the videos as much as you want and you'll have lifetime access to this course

What our students say about our the Bulería Course ...

" The Bulerías Course is a great course, as it consists of very inspiring material for beginners, intermediate and even advanced flamenco players...!  "

- Bart Guichelaar (The Netherlands)

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