Level  Beginner - intermediate

Duration  135m 29s

Videos  35

Price  US$ 197.00 

Course Content

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  • 1. Welcome by Tino
  • 2. How to Hold the Guitar
  • 3. Tuning the Guitar
  • 4. About Nails
  • 5. Left Hand Technique
  • 6. Left Hand Exercise
  • 7. Rhythm Soleá + Rasgueado
  • 8. Rasgueado with Golpe
  • 9. Rasgueado in a Compás
  • 10. The Remate
  • 11. Playing a first Compás
  • 12. Thumb Technique
  • 13. Falseta #1 (Thumb)
  • 14. The Cierre
  • 15. The Slur Technique
  • 16. The Escobilla
  • 17. Cierre Variation #1
  • 18. Falseta #2 (Thumb-Index)
  • 19. Arpeggio Technique
  • 20. Remate with Arpeggio
  • 21. FIRST SOLO (2 videos)
  • 22. Falseta #3 (Arpeggio)
  • 23. Falseta #4 (Arpeggio M-I)
  • 24. Falseta #5 (Thumb) FREE! CLICK ON THE GUITAR AT THE LEFT
  • 25. More Remate Variations
  • 26. More Compás Variations
  • 27. Falseta #6 (Thumb)
  • 28. Abanico Technique
  • 29. Llamada with Abanico
  • 30. Cierre Variation #2
  • 32. Study Advice by Tino 
  • *BONUS* Falseta
  • *BONUS* Choosing a Guitar
  • *BONUS* Online Masterclass

The Fundamentals of the Soleá

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE SOLEÁ is the first course of the 'Fundamentals of the Flamenco Guitar' series. Whether you've never played the flamenco guitar, or just want to get an in-depth training on basic techniques such as rasgueado, abanico, thumb and arpeggio, once you've finished this course you'll be familiar with all the key elements of the Soléa, and you will be able to play two authentic flamenco solos in the Soleá style.

THE APPROACH OF THIS COURSE is 100% practical: the maestro gives you in-depth explanations on how to play each musical and technical element of the Soleá. Furthermore, he will guide you through important issues such as how to study, the correct posture, position of both hands, how to tune the guitar, how to file your fingernails, etc.

This course consists of 33 videos and 135 minutes of material in which you will learn:


  • Basic Compás and Variations
  • Basic Remate and Variations
  • Techniques: Thumb, Rasgueos, Abanico, Arpeggio and Slurs
  • Various Cierres
  • Various Llamadas
  • Basic Escobilla and Variations
  • 3 Thumb Falsetas
  • 2 Arpeggio Falsetas


  • All of the the music is carefully written out in scores available both in PDF and Guitar-Pro 6 format.
  • All of the videos have English subtitles.
  • Our website is mobile responsive and works perfectly on your mobile phone and tablet.
  • You can view the videos as much as you want and you'll have lifetime access to this course.

TINO VAN DER SMAN is instructed by maestro Paco Peña and graduated in flamenco guitar in 1997. Throughout his artistic career he has accompanied renowned dancers and singers, and he has recorded three solo albums. Furthermore, he has organized guitar courses and dance accompaniment courses in many countries such as Mexico, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands.

What our students say about our the Soleá Course ...

" I finally found the right way to learn and to enjoy flamenco and ... I was delighted when in a short time I managed to play my first Soleá solo piece! "

- Alessandro (Italy)

" Tino is a very accomplished guitarist and teacher. As he is always willing to share his knowledge, this Solea Course can be interesting even for more advanced guitarists. "

Jeff Heijne (Guitarist from The Netherlands https://www.jeffheijne.nl/)

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