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Francisco David Pino Llanes, David Pino, was born in Puente Genil (Córdoba) in 1972 and at the age of five he settled with his family in Córdoba where he currently resides.

He has performed in several countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia and in much of Europe, such as Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Poland and Belgium.

He has participated in television programs such as "What I sing to you", "Noche Flamenca", "Una  Llama Viva" and "Flamencos", as well as in other spaces dedicated to the Saeta.

In 2007 he was part of the artistic cast of the show Cruce de Caminos produced by the Diputación de Sevilla, together with figures such as Chano Lobato and José Menese. With the latter he represented in 2006 Sentimientos de Pasión, a show around the Saeta that was staged for three days at the Fernando Fernán Gómez Theater in Madrid.

He has acted in plays such as "El Veneno y la Triaca" (Auto Sacramental by Calderón de la  Barca), "Ámame Ahora", based on texts by the poet Ricardo Molina and in the "Flamenco Opera  Medea", with the role of Jasón.

He has been part of the La Carnicería Teatro company of director and playwright Rodrigo García for four years, with whom he made his debut at the Cádiz Ibero-American Festival and at the  Madrid Autumn Festival, with the play "Versus", to later present it in several countries.

He worked in the Javier Latorre Company with the play "El Duende y el Reloj" within the Festival Flamenco de Jerez at the Villamarta Theater. With the same bailaor he participated in the 5th  Moscow Flamenco Festival.

He has collaborated with the percussionist Carolina Alcaraz in the Ensemble Música Viva project, in a concerto for marimba, giving voice to the work Uneven Souls by the Serbian composer N.J.Zivkovic.

At the White Night of Flamenco in 2016, he premiered as stage director and playwright, with the creation Nazareno y Olivares, a play that approaches the life and work of the master Fosforito, to  later be revived at the Malaga Flamenco Biennial and in the parallel acts of the XXI National Contest of Flamenco Art of Córdoba.

He has been part of the jury in competitions such as the National Contest of Cante Jondo "Antonio Mairena" of Mairena del Alcor or the "Desencaja" prize for young flamencos of the Junta de Andalucía.

He is the coordinator of the “Masters” series, in which master artists of the genre are invited from the Department of Culture of the City Council of Córdoba to share their experiences with the  public, interviewing figures such as Fosforito, Carmen Linares, Serranito, Rafael Riqueni, Gerardo Núñez, Mayte Martín and José de la Tomasa. 

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Presentation of the album "Mi largo caminar"


Recorded in "El Rincón del Cante"


Cante Accompaniment Fandangos and Malagueñas

Level: Intermediate

Recommended knowledge: Basic understanding of rasgueos and rhythm

Total duration: 135m 6s

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