NEW - If you ever wondered if you could become a real flamenco guitarist, even as an 'outsider', this is for you!

  • To my fellow flamenco lovers, 

Have you ever wondered how flamenco guitarists follow flamenco singers, even though those singers seem to be improvising?

... have you ever thought that in order to accompany flamenco you need super-hearing to pick up what note the singer is hitting and the ability to instantly translate that to the corresponding chords on the guitar?

And have you ever assumed that learning to accompany a flamenco singer on the guitar was impossible unless you weren't born into it’?

Have you ever been frustrated that there doesn’t seem to be any quality material on this subject?

My first flamenco teacher told me this:

“If you cannot accompany a flamenco singer, you are not a real flamenco guitarist ... ”

For me at the time, this was news. As perhaps this might have been news to you at some early stage of your flamenco journey.

Most of us guitarist fall in love with the authentic, crisp and passionate sound of the flamenco guitar before we even learn about the existence of “cante” (singing flamenco).

But like I did, we all discover pretty quickly that in the flamenco world, cante is really what it’s all about.

The ‘real’ flamenco guitarists all accompany singers.

All the big solo guitarists that we know today, started accompanying singers. And in some cases it was the singers that really catapulted their careers.

Think about it …


Both Paco de Lucia and Tomatito became two of the greatest names in flamenco, only after they partnered with already famous singer Camaron de la Isla.

A solo artist can be interesting, inspiring, even mesmerizing. 

But it’s only when accompanying others that they start to make real “flamenco” in the truest sense.

But this poses a problem for us guitar junkies that have not been born and bred into this world of nightly flamenco fiestas.  That don’t have an old uncle or neighbor that accompanies the local singers and is teaching us the ropes on the side.

That have only been able to appreciate flamenco as outsiders, unable to really grasp its intricacies.

We simply have no way in.

Or at least that is what I felt when I first discovered the importance of being able to accompany cante.
Does that sound at all familiar?

Have you ever wondered how you could overcome the barrier of “not having been born into flamenco”?

I know I have…

And if you think about it, most aspects of flamenco guitar can be learned even if you are an outsider.
Technique, Harmony and Chords, Falsetas, Solo compositions. They can all be learned from a guitar teacher.

But accompanying a singer is different...

Flamenco is not like in western music, where the structures and rules of a song are clear.

In flamenco, as you probably know, there is a lot of improvisation on the singers end.

How are flamenco guitarists able to follow the singers?

How do they know what is going to happen?

How are they able to sit with any singer at a given moment, and just start accompanying them without ever having practiced with that person?

It actually took me years to figure this out...

It wasn’t until I met maestro David Pino, a well-known Flamenco singer from Córdoba in Spain, that things started to make sense.

In case you don’t know David Pino ...

David Pino is one of the few Maestro’s who is not only an award winning cantaor, but who has a degree in flamenco guitar as well and has been using his knowledge on both these subjects to teach flamenco to students for years at the Conservatory of Music in Córdoba.

It’s this combination of singing and playing guitar that enables him to bridge the gap for people like us.

Maestro David knows how to explain singing because HE IS A SINGER and secondly, he knows how to explain the role of the guitar because HE PLAYS GUITAR.

It was David Pino that explained to me for the first time that flamenco singers follow a system...

That what might sound like improvisation to us, is actually full of signals and structure. It’s these signals and structures that allows guitarists to follow the singer.

It’s what creates a situation in which the singer has freedom within the rules, and in which the guitarist always knows exactly what to do.

Maestro Pino is one of the first official flamenco teachers to address this challenge for guitarists.

I knew I had to get him involved with Online Flamenco, because I know how many of us struggle with the subject of learning “acompañamiento” (accompanying singers).

We have been incredibly lucky, because not only did maestro Pino agree to work with us. 

He even sat with us to work out a completely unique and brand new approach to teaching ‘cante acompañamiento’ online, with video lessons.

The maestro wanted guitar students to really feel what it is like to accompany a flamenco singer...

He wanted students to be able to go out into the ‘real’ flamenco world, and actually be able to sit with any singer and have the skills to accompany them.

But this came with some mayor challenges.

A lot of accompanying flamenco singing, seems like it has to do with “feeling”. But inexperienced guitarists don’t have this intuitive “feeling” yet.

This is why the maestro created a system, specifically for guitarists, that they can follow as a foothold when accompanying, so that they cannot go wrong.

This system is based on the Fandangos style of flamenco, because most of the flamenco styles developed from the Fandango.

Understanding how to accompany Fandangos, automatically enables you to learn the other styles quickly and easily.

Simply said, learning to accompany 'por Fandangos' will make you understand all the other styles much better. Learning to accompany them afterwards will be a breeze.

This is why I am so proud and excited to announce our newest flamenco guitar course titled "Cante Accompaniment".

This is the first and only existing course that allows any aspiring flamenco guitarist anywhere in the world to learn how to accompany flamenco singers... 

... just as if they had learned it in the streets of Southern Spain.

With this course you reach the goal of learning to acompany flamenco singers using 3 important steps:

  • Step 1 - Learn what to play
    The maestro teaches you what musical phrases, chords, answer patterns and falsetas or details are used to accompany a singer. You can see this as your arsenal that exist of little pieces that you can use whenever you need them. 
  • Step 2 - Learn when to play
    Then the maestro explains the structures of the most important cante styles, and explains the hidden signals that you need to listen for that will help you play the right chords when the singer asks for them.
  • Step 3 - Learn to actually accompany
    The final step is the most important one. The maestro included recordings of himself WITH and WITHOUT guitar accompaniment. This allows you to first study, but eventually accompany the maestro yourself. This will give you the invaluable experience needed to go out and accompany other singers later on!

...This material is covered in a total of no less than 64 videos divided into 19 lessons...

Going through these lessons will build up your understanding of the cante styles and your ability to immediately play your guitar for any singer you might end up sitting next to.

Here are some examples of what the maestro covers in the course:

  • The structures of the foundational flamenco cantes: Fandangos & Malagueñas
  • The metrics and harmony of the cantes
  • The exact chords to use for each style
  • How to respond to your singer with your guitar
  • Examples on accompanying each style
  • Example guitar responses you can use
  • Recordings of each style that you can accompany yourself

And those are just some examples.

In total the course consists of 64 videos that will guide you every step of the way.

All of these videos include full English subtitles, so for the very first time this opens the door for non-Spanish speakers to learn all the ins and outs that were previously hidden from them.

If at any moment you have doubted it would be possible for you to learn this crucial part of flamenco guitar, this will change everything for you...

It did for me!

As I followed maestro Pino’s system, it became more and more clear that flamenco guitarists are not magicians...

The guitarists that I saw accompanying in flamenco shows, on the street, or even online simply knew some things that I didn’t. Things that can be learned.

After working with the maestro’s material for about 1 month, I noticed something had changed in the way flamenco singing sounded to me.

It sounded more structured, more organized. I no longer felt like I was lost.

Suddenly all of it started making sense.

The structures that I had learned are definitely different than those of more western music that I was used to.

Different yes, but not more complex.

Slowly I started realizing that flamenco singing is not hard to understand once you know how it works...

I remember so clearly hearing Maestro Pino explain that in almost all flamenco styles, the singer repeats the first line he sings twice.

I was stunnedHow had I not noticed that?

This little detail, which actually is not that little, immediately impacted my understanding of ‘where I was’ in a song.

I instantly felt less “lost”. And this was just one nugget of the many that he shares in the course.

Now please note that at this point I had been studying flamenco guitar for a long time already. At least 10 years.

Still I always felt like a total outsider, partly because the cante was such a mystery to me.

Finally understanding it and even being able to accompany a singer myself, has eradicated that feeling.

I wish someone had told me these things right from the start

I now notice I am much more confident about my level as a flamenco guitarist compared to before I met maestro Pino and worked with his material.

The words of my first teacher still come to mind:

“If you cannot accompany a flamenco singer, you are not a real flamenco guitarist”

Now I do feel like a real flamenco guitarist, and that is what you can also experience.

So who is this for?

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve always wanted to be a ‘real’ flamenco guitarist, but you don’t have anyone to learn from nearby.
  • You want to learn to accompany cante, but you don’t know any singers
  • You have tried to follow the singing with your guitar, but noticed that without guidance you don’t progress.
  • You recognize some structures and patterns but you lack the deeper understanding needed to really accompany a singer. In other words you don’t really know what’s going on yet.
  • You feel like you have only learned flamenco guitar by memorizing pieces to play, but you don’t feel like you can follow someone else’s lead.
  • You feel like you need something tangible to study. Some clear instructions and rules that you can learn to follow.
  • You want to experience what it feels like to accompany a singer that appreciates you because you are doing it right, supporting him or her in their art.


What makes this course so unique?

What makes this course truly unique is that it takes the guesswork out of accompanying a singer.

You don’t need to have super-human hearing to recognize every tone a singer hits and then translate it instantly to the corresponding chord. No…

You simply need to follow the structures that the maestro lays out for you, and practice the short guitar responses so you can give them at the appropriate moment.

This is the foundation that you can build on, playing more and more interesting, subtle and beautiful as you progress, but always understanding what is going on.

And there is something else that’s truly unique about this course,
we call it "Instant Chords"

Let me explain this feature of the course that we are very excited about:

In the videos we have recorded the maestro with and without the accompanying guitar, so that you can practice accompanying him as shown.

But we’ve done something else too.

We’ve recorded him without the guitar, but WITH corresponding chords shown on screen in tablature notation.

You can simply follow the instructions on the screen, without first having to memorize all the chord progressions...

You simply play what’s shown and you will immediately feel what it’s like to accompany a singer for real!

To bring this home even more, we’ve included a section where award-winning guitarist Gabriel Expósito accompanies maestro David Pino and where both maestros give a full breakdown of a piece exactly the way they play it in a flamenco concert. 

These features together with maestro Pino’s decades of experience teaching flamenco guitarists, makes this course something the world of flamenco teaching has never seen before.

For the first time it's now possible for you to learn cante accompaniment, wherever you are in the world and whatever your current level is.

Learning to accompany flamenco this way was never possible before

Even in Spain, students would need a guitarist and singer to sit with them in order to learn the correct way of accompanying.


Guitar teachers on their own, can usually only give some general advice when a singer is absent.

There are only a handful of private institutions in Southern Spain where students could sit with a professional guitarist and singer to get any formal education on this topic.

Outside of Spain it was nearly impossible.

Taking courses at such institutions usually costs thousands of dollars and many months to complete a curriculum. 

The alternative would be to take private lessons with both a guitarist and singer combined, which might be possible in Spain, but complicated and expensive. 

Maestro Pino himself offered lessons of this sort for 150$ per lesson, and in order to cover a single flamenco style, at least 5 lessons would be needed. 

If you would translate everything you learn in this course to private lessons, an average student would need around 20 hours, giving it a value of over 3000$.

It's not only the obvious value of this material, but the fact that it is now available to anyone, worldwide, that makes it so exciting for us to share this with you.

Because we really hope that the release of this course will finally enable you to bridge the gap that is keeping you from becoming a real competent flamenco guitarist...


As said, the value of this course when compared to real-life lessons would be over $3000,- and that does not include travel to Spain if needed, and living costs when there.

Because we can offer you maestro Pino’s system digitally via the internet, we can offer you this material for a much lower price. 

The original price for this course will be just one single payment of $197,-.

For this you will get unlimited access to all 64 videos explaining the system to learn acompañamiento as well as maestro Pino’s recordings that you can accompany yourself, plus the “instant chords” recordings with which you can instantly experience what it feels like to successfully accompany a singer!

It will enable you to become an accompanying flamenco guitarist and work with any flamenco singer from now on...

We realise that maestro Pino’s system will change everything for so many of us aspiring flamenco guitarists. That's why we really want you to try it out.

We really think anyone who is serious about playing flamenco guitar should learn what Maestro David Pino has to offer.

Because we are launching the maestro’s course for the very first time, we have decided to temporarily lower the registration fee from $197 to ...

... a single payment of just $97

You will receive access to the full -Cante Accompaniment- course that will allow you to quickly and effectively grasp the system that all singers follow.

This will enable you to accompany those singers accordingly, transforming you from an outsider into a ‘useful’ guitarist able to perform at the same level as local Spanish artists.

This special offer will be valid until Sunday night 0:00 at which the price will automatically increase...

We really hope that with this special offer we encourage you to dive into maestro Pino’s system right now and let out the true flamenco artist that is hidden within you.

Simply use the button below to go to our registration page and enroll into the course today...

You will immediately receive login details for our online portal on which the course is waiting for you.

This means that within 2 minutes from now, you could be working with the maestro to finally master the art of cante acompañamiento.

What others say about this course

When we first opened up this course to a small group to test it out, it was reviewed by italian guitar magazine guitArt and won their prestigious GuitArt Award.

This of course was a huge compliment, but even more flattering are the words from some of our early students who also followed the course.

Here's what they had to say:

" The material is useful for flamenco guitar players and even for singers... ! I encourage everyone to have a look, because this is a brilliant Course! "  Baris Yavuz - Turkey

Enroll now and receive 2 special bonuses available only while this offer lasts ...

As mentioned, this time-sensitive offer will expire next Sunday at 0:00

We are really excited for you to try out the maestro’s system and we really want to make this offer as valuable for you as we possibly can.

For that reason we have added two special bonusses to this offer. They will both be available to you if you enroll now before this offer ends...

Bonus #1: Full Masterclass Recording

A short while ago, the maestro held an online masterclass for our students in which he recommends lots of of great recordings of accompanying guitarists as well as lot’s of practical tips on how to go about mastering the cante accompaniment.

Students paid $75 each to attend this masterclass, but the maestro agreed to give you access to the recordings if you join before this offer expires.

Bonus #2: Interview with David Pino

In this interview David Pino explains the importance of knowing how flamenco singing works for any flamenco artist and why.

He very clearly explains the difference between would-be guitarists that can only imitate flamenco, and actual guitarists that speak the flamenco-language.

This interview covers subjects that are rare to find outside of the closed flamenco world, especially outside of Spain.

We decided to add both these bonuses to our special offer

That means that if you join us now, before Sunday 0:00, you will automatically receive access to the masterclass as well as the full interview...

We really hope that you will take this opportunity to reach a flamenco guitar level you might have thought impossible to reach before.

Take action now before this special offer expires and take the first step to becoming a real, competent flamenco guitarist today.

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You save $100,- by enrolling today!

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