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Javier Conde

The great revolution was the great Paco de Lucía, but other guitarists soon followed who continued this adventure, taking it to unsuspected musical territories. With Javier Conde (Cáceres 1988), a very new generation of guitarists enters the scene.

The young virtuoso became known as a child prodigy of the flamenco guitar. Formed from the age of four by his father, the guitarist José Antonio Conde and later with the great Maestro Andrés Batista.

He began performing when he was only six years old and has won numerous important first prizes, including the most prized “Bordón Minero 2004” of the Festival del Cante de las Minas (La Unión (Murcia)), being the youngest performer to obtain it in the entire history of the festival.

He has collaborated with important artists such as concert performers: Andrés Batista, Manolo Sanlúcar, Víctor Monge “Serranito”, Gerardo Núñez, Rafael Riqueni, Enrique de Melchor or with the prestigious film director Carlos Saura. 
He has also collaborated with artists from other musical genres: famous bassist John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), classical guitarist Joaquin Clerch (Cuba) and Cuban singer Eliades Ochoa (Buena Vista  Social Club) at Africa Express Festival 2009. 

He has participated in the shows of the guitarist Gerardo Núñez “Sabicas” 2007, “Restrospectiva” 2008, and the bailaora Carmen Cortés in the shows “Mujeres de Lorca” 2009, “La Gitanilla” in 2016 and “Juana Inés” in 2019, 2020 and collaborates as "First" guitarist in the work "Flamenco India" by famous filmmaker Carlos Saura, 2nd Cycle of Flamenco de Madrid "Flamenco Joven '16", and is a guitarist in the famous tablaos "Cafe de Chinitas" and "Casa Patas" (Madrid).

He has performed at the regional level with his group at the "WOMAD Festival" Cáceres 1999, 2000, "WOMAD London Festival" 2009 and "Africa Express" 2009, "BADASOM Festival" 2008, 2014, 2016 and Flamenco Festival "Alcobendas Flamenca" 2018 (Madrid), Flamenco Show “Juana Inés” by the well-known bailaora Carmen Cortés, 2020 Madrid, Flamenco Festival “Suma Flamenca”, 2020 Madrid, Tour with Víctor Monge “Serranito” 2020 and collaborated in the “Pedagogical Work” by Manolo Sanlúcar in several participations.

He worked as an accompanying guitarist for maestro Víctor M. “Serranito” on his farewell tour from the stage. In 2022, he entered as the first guitarist of the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet belonging to the Junta de Andalucía based in Seville.

He has a degree in Flamenco Guitar from the “Rafael Orozco” Superior Conservatory of Music in Córdoba and is currently a flamenco guitar teacher at the “Robert Schumann” Superior Conservatory of Music in Dusseldorf (Germany).

Own creation shows:
”Masters and Styles” (guitar concert (Duo), “Great of the Flamenco Guitar” (Quarteto guitar concert) and “El Flamenco y su Vibrante Mundo” (Guitar, Singing and Dance show).

He has offered concerts:
Spain, USA, China, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Italy, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Lebanon, North Africa, Switzerland...

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Maestro's own composition


Winner of the Prize for the best guitarist of the contest


Advanced Technique Course nº1

Level: Advanced

Recommended knowledge: Be familiar with all flamenco guitar techniques

Total duration: 71m 19s

Advanced Technique Course nº2

Level: Advanced

Recommended knowledge: Be familiar with all flamenco guitar techniques

Total duration: 86m 28s

Flamenco Guitar Technique Crash Course

Level: All levels

Recommended knowledge: Basic guitar skills such as know how to tune the guitar, basic chords, etc.

Total duration: 
76m 54s

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