With prestigious Maestro Javier Conde...

Join us and receive a complete video course by maestro Javier Conde, consisting of 6 video lessons that will guide you through all the important basics of flamenco technique step by step...

Maestro Javier Conde in concert. Known for his virtuous and traditional style.

Have you always wanted to play the flamenco guitar?

Then this is for you!

Join us for a full flamenco crash course with Maestro Javier Conde and learn to play all the important flamenco techniques plus a complete guitar solo by famous flamenco legend Sabicas in the "Solea" style, while understanding more about Flamenco in the process.

Here's what you will get:

  • Full Solo Played by Maestro Javier: We kick off the tutorial with the full version of this beautiful solo piece, composed by legendary Flamenco artist Sabicas.
  • Slow Speed Version: Flamenco was originally taught orally. The student would sit in front of the maestro and copy his movements. The slow version is what closest resembles an authentic flamenco guitar class.
  • High quality video: The video recording with close ups of the hands on the guitar makes copying the movements and learning the material much easier and faster.
  • Explanations of used techniques: Uniquely, this tutorial shows each of the used techniques needed for the solo as you encounter them in the music. This includes Rasgueados, Arpegios, Picado's, Ligado's and more.
  • In depth Rasgueado lesson: The rasgueado is one of the signature Flamenco guitar techniques, and executing it properly makes your guitar sound authentic right away. For that reason the Maestro included this full Rasgueado lesson for you.

And also:

  • Over 5 minutes of continuous material: After learning this solo, you will be able to entertain your audience for well over 5 minutes without repeating any material.
  • More than 30 individual Falsetas, remates, and details: As you learn to play this solo piece you will incorporate all this material into your solea, ready to come out whenever you want it to.
  • Stunning intro and conclusion: Good sounding introductions and conclusions to flamenco pieces are few and far between. 
  • Workbook & Scores Available: Add the full Tutorial Workbook, including sheetmusic and tablature files to your order to learn even faster.
  • Full English Subtitles: The entire recording has been professionally subtitled so that nothing gets lost in translation even if you don't speak Spanish.

Special Bonus Falsetas!

We all love falsetas, and for that reason the Maestro recorded 3 stunning authentic Flamenco falsetas for you that you will be able to play quickly using the techniques you've learned...

Falseta #1

Falseta #2

Falseta #3

Ready to drastically improve your flamenco guitar technique?

See what grand master Gerardo Nuñez has to say about Javier Conde!

"For me Javier Conde is the "Paganini" of the Flamenco Guitar" - Gerardo Nuñez

... And here's what our students say:

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