Left-hand Techniques

Left-hand techniques are often overlooked by guitarrists. In the first part of this interview with maestro Javier Conde you’ll learn more about left-hand issues such as the shape of the hand, when to study the barre technique, the importance of controling the pressure, and the length of the nails of the left hand.

In this video maestro Javier Conde will give you some practical advice that will help you to study the left hand more efficiently.

English subtitles

Video Summary

  • In order to play fluently it’s necessary to very gradually make your hands get used to stretches (2:32);
  • Leave exercises with the barre technique for the last part of your technique practice (3:49);
  • Manage the strength of the left hand at all times to avoid possible injuries (4:41)
  • Keep the nails of your left hand short so that don’t hear the noise of the nail hitting the fret board (5:37);
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