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Paco Serrano

My beginnings, when I was 12 years old, were in the Rafael “Merengue de Córdoba” academy, together with Vicente Amigo and José Antonio Rodríguez and at the Peña Flamenca de Córdoba, where I had the opportunity, when I was just a child, to accompany already established singers.

Around the year 1980 I remember the contest “Gente Joven'' on TVE, which I won, forming part of the Concha Calero y Merengue group. From then on, we performed at many  flamenco festivals, sharing the bill with top artists.

Later, alone, I participated as a guitarist accompanying figures such as Fosforito, La Niña  de La Puebla, Juanito Valderrama, Chano Lobato, Chocolate, José Mercé, Luís de Córdoba and Carmen Linares, among others. 

In 1987 I opened a flamenco studio in Córdoba where I taught guitar classes.

I recorded numerous television shows as a sideman for other artists and as a concert  guitarist.

At the end of the 80s, I began a collaboration with the company of Cristina Heeren, from  then on I was part of various stage productions: “Flamenco is life”, “Lances del Arenal”,  “Don Juan”, represented in different editions of the Seville Flamenco Biennial. 

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Video clip of his latest album 'Catarsis'

Cruce de Miradas (Fandango) 

Recorded on the album 'Catarsis'



Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Recommended knowledge: Basic understanding of the Alegrías style and of techniques such as rasgueado, pulgar, picado, alzapúa and arpeggio

Total duration: 47m 47s


Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Recommended knowledge
Basic flamenco techniques and rhythms

Total duration:
67m 7s

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