by prestigious Maestro Paco Serrano

Receive instant access to the full crash course

* Paco Serrano, one of Spains most prestigious Flamenco artists

Struggling to improve your flamenco skills? (We sure did!)

This is for you!

Join us for a full flamenco guitar Masterclass with Maestro Paco Serrano and discover guitar secrets that will propell your level forward in a way you would have never imagined...

Here's what you will get:

  • Full Masterclass Recording: The complete recording of a full flamenco guitar masterclass by one of Spains most prestigious guitarists.
  • Range of exercises, falsetas, rhythmical patterns, flamenco scales and chord progressions: The Maestro shows you step by step exercises on what you need to practive to improve your flamenco guitar playing.
  • High quality video: The video recording with close ups of the hands on the guitar makes copying the movements and learning the material much easier and faster.
  • Full English Subtitles: The entire masterclass recording has been professionally subtitled so that nothing gets lost in translation even if you don't speak Spanish.

And also:

  • How a meastro studies: The Masterclass includes Maestro Paco Serrano's own take on studying guitar, full of wonderfull takeaways.
  • Volume and fluidity: A deep dive into how you practice these aspects with beautifull and fun exercises that help you improve quickly.
  • Playing scales: You will discover how flamenco guitarists are able to play scales so fast an clean.
  • Workbook Available: Add the full Masterclass Workbook, including sheetmusic and tablature to your order for just $ 19.

And here's what our students say:

"A big thank you to Maestro Paco Serrano for creating this material. It's the perfect blend of falsetas, rhythmic variations and above all...pure knowledge!"

David Chiriboga - Flamenco Student

"Maestro Paco Serrano's material is indispensable for those interested in learning flamenco guitar...
It taught me the key to how flamenco is constructed."
Kurt Martinez - Flamenco Student

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