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Learning Tientos with Paco Serrano

Learn the key-aspects of the Tientos step by-step with flamenco maestro Paco Serrano.

The approach is 100% practical and all videos are subtitled.

Divided into 3 parts, the Tientos Course consist of no less than 54 videos.

All videos are provided with on screen scores.


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The 3 parts of the Tientos Course

This is the Course's Curriculum  

Part #1: The Tientos Rhythm Formula

  • 2 full basic Tientos rhythm lessons
  • 2 advanced rhythm variation lessons
  • A total of 30 compas variations
  • 5 double compas variations for extra impact
  • And much more ...

Equivalent in private lessons by the maestro: 8 hrs

Part #2: Tientos Details Collection

  • Infinite variations to play without sounding repetitive
  • 17 Tientos details of varying lengths to throw into the mix whenever you want
  • Extra zapateado, Tanguillos and Tangos variations to play without extra study hours
  • And much more ...

Equivalent in private lessons by the maestro: 7 hrs

Part #3: The Tientos Falsetas Collection

  • 5 amazing traditional Tientos falsetas to impress your listeners
  • Both easy and more advanced falsetas for all levels
  • Playable in multiple styles such as zapateados or tangos without extra studying
  • ... And much more

Equivalent in private lessons by the maestro: 6 hrs

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Special Tangos Falseta  


Paco Serrano Masterclass


See all you will learn... 

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  • Part #1: The Tientos Rhythm Formula
  • Part #2: Tientos Details Collection
  • Part #3: The Tientos Falseta Collection
  • Bonus #1: Tangos Lesson
  • Bonus #2: Masterclass

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"Maestro Paco Serrano has the ability to put himself into the shoes of someone that's new to flamenco. 

For me, Paco Serrano is the best flamenco teacher I have known so far!"

- Etienne St-Martin (Toronto, Canada)

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