How would you like a full flamenco guitar beginners course?

With prestigious Maestro Tino in Sevilla - Andalucia

Enroll and receive an extensive 3-hour flamenco guitar course that covers all the essentials. 

And learn your first flamenco solo...

Maestro Tino during a rehearsal at his home town Seville

We’ve created our very first solution for anyone who wants to start playing flamenco guitar.

Ready to learn flamenco?!

Join us and receive a complete 3-hour video course with Maestro Tino from Sevilla, Spain. The maestro will guide you through all the important basics of flamenco guitar. You will learn to play all the important flamenco techniques plus a complete guitar solo in the "Solea" style. 

What the Flamenco Starter Kit looks like:

... And here's what you will get:

  • 3 hours of flamenco guitar video lessons: As Maestro Tino guides you through all the important basics of flamenco guitar, with the Starter Kit you will learn all you need to master the basics of the flamenco guitar.
  • Right Hand Techniques: In 6 extensive lessons you will learn all the right hand techniques needed to play flamenco guitar. In specially designed exercises with meticulous explanation you'll learn to play the Thumb technique, Rasgueados, Picados, Arpeggios and the Alzapúa technique.
  • Left Hand Technique:  You will learn the fundamental left-hand techniques. 

    All of them are explained in detail and come with exercises for you to practise.     

  • Full Solo in Soleá Style: The second part of the Starter Kit contains 8 lessons where you will learn a beautiful 3-minute solo. All of the techniques are applied here and the material is easy to learn while already sounding impressive to both your own ear, as well as to your audience's.

 ... and also:

  • On Screen Scores: You now easily learn all the music of the Starter Kit with the On Screen Scores. Just hit start and play along with the maestro using the scores/tabs shown in the video! 
  • High quality video: The FULL HD video recording with close ups of the hands on the guitar makes copying the movements and learning the material much easier and faster.
  • Full English Subtitles: The entire course has been professionally subtitled so that nothing gets lost in translation even if you don't speak Spanish.
  • Workbook & Scores Available: Add the full Workbook, including sheetmusic and tablature to your order to study even when your are not online.

Special Bonus  -  Rhythm Masterclass

Rhythm is a fundamental aspect of flamenco music and therefore we’ve included a full class on flamenco rhythm. This will not only help you to understand and play with the flamenco groove, but you’ll also learn how to clap in the most popular styles!

Ready to start learning flamenco guitar?

... Here's what our students say:

"I finally found the right way to learn and to enjoy flamenco and ... I was delighted when in a short time I managed to play my first Soleá solo piece!"

- Alessandro (Italy)

"For me, the most remarkable thing about Maestro Tino is the way he thinks and transmits flamenco. He explains very clearly the fundamentals of flamenco guitar!"

- Antonio Delgado (Málaga, Spain)

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